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Team Fundraising Guidelines

Team Fundraising Guidelines

Guidelines For United Team Fundraising

Individual United teams are allowed to conduct fundraising to benefit their teams. The following guidelines should be followed.

What is Not Allowed

1. Sponsorship of individual teams is not allowed. All sponsorship is at the club level. Individuals and/or organizations may not give money with the promise of something in return–for example a logo on a United uniform.

2. Fundraising may not be done if a team is not fully formed and rostered.

3. Fundraising may not be done to pay for items that will become the personal property of any individual on or associated with the team. As an example, if fundraising is done for equipment that equipment will become property of Columbus United Soccer Club though it can be earmarked for the specific team’s use.

4. Members of the team may not be asked to pay direct fees above what is allowed by the club.

Fundraising That Is Allowed

1. Fundraising is allowed at the team level if the funds raised will benefit the team as a whole and not specific members of the team. An example of this is fundraising to pay for tournaments.

2. If fundraising is done it must be done with the informed consent of the members of the team. In other words, a coach or manager can not require fundraising from the team if the team has not been fully informed and agreed to it.

3. Any funds raised must be paid in the name of Columbus United Soccer Club. Funds can not be raised and paid in the name of an individual. Checks should be made to Columbus United. Cash should be promptly recorded.

4. All funds raised are to be promptly deposited with Columbus United Soccer Club. They will be earmarked for use by the specific team that raised the funds.

5. Team officials–coach and/or manager–are responsible for providing a fiscal report to team members on a monthly basis of the amount raised, any funds used and what they were used for, and the balance on account. Any balance left on account at the end of the fiscal year will become club funds.

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