Explanation of Numbering System in Soccer

This numbering system is based upon 11 v 11 soccer. While younger age groups will need to modify the positions and roles, the basic principles and roles still apply. It is also important to note that many players, especially below the 15/16 age range, are capable of playing multiple positions and will fit multiple descriptions below. It is important to recognize this and to develop the players accordingly. This information was borrowed from another source. If you would like to read the full article, it can be found here.

Technically proficient
Solid technical passing abilities
Strong distribution decisions
Gifted athlete
Outside Backs (Right & Left)
Ability to play great long service
Strong at defending 1 vs. 1
Speedy player able to cover ground on the flanks
Solid technical passing abilities
Center Backs (Left & Right)
Consistent players who are organizers and leaders
Tall and Strong
Ability to cover ground – especially laterally and vertically
Technically strong defensively
Strong tackler
Strong in the air
Defensive Midfielder
High work rate
Ability to keep the ball (vision and technical passing)
Tactically astute
Strong in air
Strong tackler
Center Midfielder
Endless work rate – speed and endurance
Good leadership and organization
Creative playmaker
Good in air
Long range finishing ability
Ability to provide defensive pressure
Winger (Right & Left)
Very fit
High Work Rate
Ability to make long runs and recover
Strong 1 vs 1 attacking ability
Flank service
Long range shooting
Attacking Center Midfielder
Finishing ability
Clinical passing in final third to create scoring opportunities
Strong 1 vs 1 in final third
Makes play predictable through putting pressure on defense
Ability to play with back to the goal
Creativity and technical finishing abilities
Strong and tough
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