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Parent Resources

Parent Resources

The parents, grandparents, families,  and supporters of Columbus United Soccer Club are critical to the success of teams and players. Quite simply, we can’t do it without you. Every time my team wins a tournament we get our picture taken. I then make a few remarks about the team and its performance. The parents, grandparents, and friends are always arrayed in front of us. At the conclusion I always say to my team “You do not stand here with that medal around your neck if not for all those folks standing over there. Go hug them and say thank you.”  And that is very true. We know that players and teams do not come together without the support of families.  Columbus United wants to support our families just as we do our players and coaches. We make the following resources available for you. We hope they will help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of youth athletics and the demands of travel soccer.
Thomas G. Velek
DOC, Columbus United Soccer Club

Soccer Burnout is Real

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