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Columbus United is honored to have a phenomenal group of coaches throughout our program. We also pride ourselves on having all non-paid volunteer coaches through our ranks. This affords Columbus United to run a highly successful program all at a lower cost than most soccer clubs. This lower cost is in turn passed on to our parents and players in affordable registration fees. The United coaching staff may be all volunteer but this does not mean we sacrifice quality. All of our coaches hold a minimum of a Class E coaching license and are encouraged to continue their education. Each of our coaches work feverishly for each and every child because of their passion for the beautiful game and the goal of making each child a better player.

Columbus United Soccer Administrator
Sharon Parnell


Boys Coaches

2010 Boys
Head Coach – Todd Waldrop
Asst Coach – Open

2009/2008 Boys
Head Coach – Dave Albertson
Asst. Coach – William Starks
Asst. Coach – Adrian Marrero

2007/2006 Boys
Head Coach – Armando Leyva
Asst. Coach – Brandon Smith

2005/2004 Boys
Head Coach – Danny Loyd
Asst. Coach – Cristian Torres

2003-2001 Boys
Head Coach – Cristian Torres
Asst. Coach – Derrick Parnell


 Girls Coaches

2010 Girls
Head Coach – Katie Heard
Asst. Coach – Cristian Torres

2009/2008 Girls
Head Coach – Sarah Hern
Asst. Coach – Effie Morrison

2007 Girls (Elite)
Head Coach – Greg Gibson
Asst. Coach – Lee Milam

2007/2006 Girls
Head Coach – Chris Barnes
Asst. Coach – Open

2005 Girls
Head Coach – David Wilson
Asst. Coach – Randy Francisco

2004-2002 Girls
Head Coach – Jaron Andrews
Asst. Coach – Rusty Linton

2001 Girls
Head Coach – Allen Greenhaw
Asst. Coach – Tom Velek